---- Day 19 ---
In the framework of SS12 collection, Moonchild visited Florentino who runs a small family business specialized in dyes. 
Florentino uses “eco-friendly” products and machines supplied with natural materials. 
He kindly showed us his workplace -which, by the way, looks like Doc’s lab from the movie Back To The Future- and explained all the dyeing process. 
Let’s quickly summarize it: The first step is to unspool the yarn to make smaller spools which are placed into mesh bags. 
These mesh bags are doused in water and dyes. There are two different dyeing machines, one for wool, merino and alpaca; the other one is for cotton. 
Thus, the yarn drenches for a while, then is placed in the spin-dryer. 
Afterwards the yarn is air dried, re-spooled and finally ready to be knitted.

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