---Day#08 ---
Last Sunday was Mothers’ Day in Peru, and we had the chance to share it with some of the knitters in San Juan.
First, we worked on samples for the summer collection. It was fascinating to see how quickly and perfectly they were doing crochet.
They also showed us a very specific technique from Peru called the “orquetilla” - you can see it in this video.
To celebrate el Feliz Dia, we bought a huge cake and performed songs with some of the children for their mamitas, while others were getting their hair done for the show they were giving at school.
At the end of this lovely day, Jose and Claudia, the people in charge of quality control, brought us to a typical Peruvian cantine where we
ordered ceviche. There was this band playing latin American songs who got very excited about us so they started to shout every English word they knew while the lead singer was doing his nuptial dance. 



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