--- Day 12 ---
As we were on a 20 hour long bus ride to get to Puno, we needed a rest to break up the trip.
The Colca Canyon sounded like a very inspiring place for MOONCHILD so we decided to stop there.
We passed the night in Cabanaconde, a place that makes you feel like you're in Twin Peaks - the mist rolling over the mountains, the sounds, sights and scents of nature under moonlight, donkeys braying through the strangely silent night.
The next morning we walked down into the core of the Canyon to the Oasis - an isolated piece of land fed by the Rio Colca and dominated by condors.
Stunning and highly spiritual.
Song: "Apache" by the band Danger Beach. Available here.
moonchild blog peru 2011
moonchild blog peru 2011
moonchild blog peru 2011

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